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Mailroom Tracking Software: Mailtrack



Mailrooms and loading bays can be busy and chaotic. It takes a high degree of organisation to stay on top of incoming and outgoing mail. As your business grows, the volume of mail can easily overwhelm existing systems, which is when you need support and processes to help you manage it in an effective and efficient way. Here’s where MailTrack can help. 

MailTrack offers control and management of inbound and outbound postal and courier items, featuring custom colour package statuses, real-time updates, configurable forms and more to help you stay on top of your mail, even during busy periods. 

A tablet with mail tracking software installed

What Is MailTrack?

MailTrack is a versatile track and trace application created for the demanding nature of high-volume loading bays and mailrooms. It controls and manages inbound and outbound postal and courier items, allowing you to process mail safely and securely. Built-in collaboration with some of the busiest mailroom environments and continually enhanced to deliver optimum performance, MailTrack is easy to use and intuitive. It combines all the components necessary for on-time delivery, mail rounds, and points of delivery (POD) in a single integrated application.

Key Features Of MailTrack Mailroom Software Include: 

  Custom colour package statuses
  Real-time POD updates
  Barcode label designing tool
  Online outbound courier submission
  Easy report builder

A mailroom management system

How can MailTrack help?

Like our other available applications, JobTrack and FileTrack, MailTrack is created with powerful user configuration and customisation options in place. This gives you back control of expansion and growth using a scalable system that does not require ongoing configuration costs. Mailtrack grows with your business.

All inbound items are tracked securely to the end recipient with a digital POD. PDA devices are used to track, deliver and securely manage items that come into the building. You can even take photos of damaged items as evidences, uploading, them directly from the PDA device. As with our other applications, compliance is always the key, and MailTrack will help ensure packages always end up with the correct recipients, meeting regulation requirements and ensuring privacy at all times. 

MailTrack manages large volumes of packages and reduces laborious and repetitive tasks with mobile PDA devices, freeing up staff to focus on another area. It can also manage delivery manifests, making tracking and tracing items easier to prove deliveries. 

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Don't Just Take Our Word For It

We have provided expert software for a range of people, hear about how we have helped some of our clients.

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We are delighted with the efforts of Intandem Solutions. They have delivered exactly what we asked for, the users are very happy and we have a demonstrable improvement in the quality and speed of management information relating to one of our critical services".

- Williams Lea
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In 2006 Intandem Archive was selected for physical document tracking and was integrated for a pilot in the London Property Group. The File Tracking solution was since rolled out across the UK during 2007 and 2008.

- Addleshaw Goddard
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With File Tracker our solicitors have gained the trust of legal assistants. They feel confident letting go of the files knowing they will be able to retrieve them again.

- Hill Dickinson
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Since going live we have seen a 25% increase in the number of items the team can handle which makes us more competitive….and a reduction in the number of issues encountered – with no lost items”

- Ecourier

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