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File Automation Software: File Track



Expanding your business is hard work. As you grow, so does the need for flexible and scalable applications to manage and support processes, maintain records and remain compliant with all the necessary legislation. In fact, accurate and consistent records management has never been so important with the advent of tougher and more international regulations. That’s where FileTrack can help. 

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What Is FileTrack?

FileTrack is a powerhouse application capable of meeting your records management demands. It’s an intuitive system that delivers the necessary flexibility to grow along with your records and information policies, ensuring an accurate audit trail is maintained throughout the life cycle of a record.

We know that compliance is key. That’s why FileTrack can be configured to meet all main regulatory challenges. It allows you to set up alerts when compliance risks occur, helping you avoid fines and penalties for incorrect classification and freeing up internal resources.


The Key Features of FIleTrack Include: 

  Full file audit trail
  Controlled security and user profiles
  Integration with existing management and recording systems 
  Active directory integration
  Easy report builder
  Full Integration with 3rd party Storage providers


Files showing the difference between paper and file tracking software

How Can FireTrack Help?  

FileTrack is a dedicated records management application designed to meet the needs of growing businesses. Whether you have an outdated existing system, need assistance with systems support and compliance issues (including data protection, security, end-of-life, or automation), or simply need a more efficient system in place to help manage growth, FileTrack can help. 

As well as helping to resolve compliance challenges, FileTrack is quick and easy to implement, allowing for a speedy rollout across your organisation. Strong reporting and archiving functionality allow you to track files until they are destroyed.

FileTrack offers fluid integration and consolidation with practice management systems such as Elite, LegalKEY, and many other SQL-based systems. This eliminates duplicated efforts whilst ensuring consistency from when a record is created. FileTrack can also be integrated with your off-site storage vendor, bringing unity between on-site, active, and deep storage records management services. 

Transparent, accountable, trackable:  

FileTrack allows you to simplify business processes and make easy efficiency gains while helping ensure compliance. If you would like to know more about how FileTrack works and how it could benefit  your business, book an enquiry with our team. 

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Don't Just Take Our Word For It

We have provided expert software for a range of people, hear about how we have helped some of our clients.

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We are delighted with the efforts of Intandem Solutions. They have delivered exactly what we asked for, the users are very happy and we have a demonstrable improvement in the quality and speed of management information relating to one of our critical services".

- Williams Lea
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In 2006 Intandem Archive was selected for physical document tracking and was integrated for a pilot in the London Property Group. The File Tracking solution was since rolled out across the UK during 2007 and 2008.

- Addleshaw Goddard
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With File Tracker our solicitors have gained the trust of legal assistants. They feel confident letting go of the files knowing they will be able to retrieve them again.

- Hill Dickinson
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Since going live we have seen a 25% increase in the number of items the team can handle which makes us more competitive….and a reduction in the number of issues encountered – with no lost items”

- Ecourier

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