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Job Workflow Management: JobTrack



For a busy and growing team, keeping track of all the various projects that are ongoing or live can be a challenge. Ensuring that you control costs, track revenue, and monitor productivity across multiple projects can be time-consuming, and it can become too easy to fall foul of compliance regulations and find yourself on the wrong end of a fine or penalty. 

Using JobTrack, our workflow management software, you can stay in control and manage productivity without a significant investment or alteration to existing processes.

Person on a computer using job track software

What Is JobTrack ?

JobTrack is a management automation software designed to allow businesses to maintain greater control of costs, track revenue and develop a more centralised application to scope projects. The software makes it easier to allocate work according to skill levels, capture timesheets and cost/revenue data, and manage utilisation and productivity – all through multiple queues. It’s easy to use and scale, with clearly presented information about tasks, costs, and deadlines for as many people as you need. 

Key Features Of JobTrack Include: 

  Configurable and adaptable to client's needs
  Start/stop timescale technology
  Enhanced customer self-sufficiency
  End-to-end solutions 
  Secure and accredited
  Human resource management capability

How JobTrack Can Help?

 JobTrack is designed to give you back control of projects and workflows, freeing up time to focus on what you do best. Built and enhanced in collaboration with leading design management teams, JobTrack is fluid and intuitive, combining multiple project management elements in a single integrated application. 

JobTrack delivers powerful user configuration and workflow customisation. It gives you back the power to control growth and expansion at your own rate, with scalable systems removing the need for ongoing configuration costs. 

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Don't Just Take Our Word For It

We have provided expert software for a range of people, hear about how we have helped some of our clients.

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We are delighted with the efforts of Intandem Solutions. They have delivered exactly what we asked for, the users are very happy and we have a demonstrable improvement in the quality and speed of management information relating to one of our critical services".

- Williams Lea
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In 2006 Intandem Archive was selected for physical document tracking and was integrated for a pilot in the London Property Group. The File Tracking solution was since rolled out across the UK during 2007 and 2008.

- Addleshaw Goddard
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With File Tracker our solicitors have gained the trust of legal assistants. They feel confident letting go of the files knowing they will be able to retrieve them again.

- Hill Dickinson
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Since going live we have seen a 25% increase in the number of items the team can handle which makes us more competitive….and a reduction in the number of issues encountered – with no lost items”

- Ecourier

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