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Not only is good record keeping important for organisational efficiency and productivity, it’s also essential for government compliance. Since the implementation of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) in 2018, all businesses that operate in the UK and handle personal data are required to be compliant with the new rules and regulations.
If your business hasn’t yet implemented a cohesive and reliable file management system, investing in software that aids and enhances record keeping is essential. This type of software is designed to help businesses store, track and locate data and documents, enabling them to get compliant with GDPR and other industry specific regulations.

GDPR Compliance

New government Mecords management regulation requires businesses to store data securely. It also states that organisations should be able to find, recover, edit and delete data quickly and that attempts should be made to find any data that is misplaced or lost.
This data protection regulation applies to almost all companies operating in the UK, so it’s essential you get your records in order if you’re going to be compliant. This is where electronic file management software can help. The software makes it easy to track all of your documents and keep data safe, helping your business meet the high standard of record keeping now required by law.

Management Software

 Using an approved government file management system offers several benefits over traditional or manual record keeping practices. For a start, it allows integration with management information systems to avoid duplicated efforts and data capturing. It also makes it easy to build reports, create a file audit trail and control access to your documents.
These benefits, as well as helping with compliance, will make your business more organised and more efficient. Good record-keeping makes it easier for team members to find the information they’re looking for and aids collaboration and cooperation between employees.

Accurate Records

 Improving the way you store, edit, track and locate records will help to ensure your data is accurate and your records up to date. Not only is this important for compliance, it’s also essential for decision making as, without the latest, accurate information, your team won’t be able to make informed decisions, and human error may become more likely.

Securing Sensitive Information

File management software allows you to control who has access to your documents. Using this function allows you to protect sensitive information from unauthorised access, use or disclosure. Ensuring sensitive information is secure is essential for compliance and incredibly important for both customer trust and your company’s reputation.

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Good records management will help your organisation to run more efficiently and be compliant with the latest government regulations. To learn more about data protection rules, find out how our software can help your record keeping or try it out for yourself, talk to a member of our team or book your FileTrack demo today.

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