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Microsoft Excel is a mainstay of most office computer systems and the software definitely has its uses when it comes to organisation, record keeping and planning. However, anyone who’s used Excel for anything more will know that spreadsheets are poorly suited for enterprise-wide planning and performance management. Error-prone and clunky, the software has serious limitations which can impact the running of your company.
Switching from Excel to specialist file tracking software can help you overcome these issues and streamline your record keeping. By reducing the amount of time and effort required to track and manage files manually, the software can significantly reduce errors, increase productivity and keep your business organised.   

Keeping Records Current

 Good quality file tracking software is specially designed to help ensure your records are current and accurate. It’s all too common for team members to save documents to their desktops or use an incorrect naming convention when working on a project. This can result in the wrong information being used further down the line.
As a lot of mistakes happen when old documents are used instead of the latest versions. Keeping files current can reduce errors and ensure your team members don’t waste time working on documents or spreadsheets that are already out of date.

Controlled Access

Controlling who has access to your files can help you to keep them organised and prevent breaches of privacy or data. This is especially important when working with files that contain sensitive company or customer information. Restricting access to files will also enable you to maintain an audit trail of all recorded activity. Knowing who accesses which files when can be very useful if something goes wrong in the future.

Easy Integration

 Invest in a good file tracking system and you’ll be able to integrate your new software with a range of other systems, further streamlining your processes and making your office even easier to manage. For example, you could integrate file tracking software with your practice management systems to ensure consistency and eliminate duplicate efforts.

Making The Most Of Manhours

 One of the biggest benefits of file tracking software is that it makes it easier for your team to manage records and stay on top of projects and collaborations. Switching from Excel to the software will make your record keeping much more accurate. This will ensure your team can find the latest version of a file, feeling confident that any edits made to the document will be accurately saved and readily accessible to others when needed. 

Specially Designed

 Unlike Excel spreadsheets, file tracking software is specially designed to keep your records organised and in good order. Because it’s built for the job, the software is less prone to problems and better able to do exactly what you need it to.

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File tracking software can help your business reduce errors, streamline processes and improve productivity. To find out more, get in touch with an expert member of our team and book your FileTrack demo today.

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