FileTrack at 15

FileTrack at 15

FileTrack is entering its 15th year as a commercial product. Having been deployed in many different business vertical such as

  • Legal/Professional Services

  • Private/Commercial Banking

  • Accountancy 

  • Central and Local Government

  • NHS

  • Advertising and Media

  • Pharmaceutical

It is probably time to have a recap of how FileTrack has evolved over this period. We will not bore you with the system functionality as anyone reading this article would know what a File Tracking system does or should do. Suffice to say the FileTrack road map has been driven in part by our clients who in the real business world have presented us with their challenges and asked us to configure our product around what in many cases is their unique operational issues. The ongoing results of this is an application which is flexible, intuitive, highly configurable, requires minimal training and offers fast organisational deployment, which brings the client’s IT department on board very quickly.

At a glance

There are a series of dashboards/screens allowing administrators to define actions, permissions, input screens, rules and the data presentation aspect of the system. 

Digging further for some of the more beneficial enhancements

There is an Integration option  into scanning services, where bulk loaded scanned documents are dropped into watch folders resulting into automatically associated to files/folders/boxes and If needed these can have OCR carried out and the meta data loaded in to FileTrack for text searching, compression of saved images and page counts carried out. Reports are generated from the meta data from the scanners to show machine scan times, jams as well as operator time spent scanning.

Multi Platform support

FileTrack is now supported on multiple platforms Azure, AWS, VPN ‘s, Linux and is fully functional when hosted internally or eternally on a client’s network, VPN or 3rd party vendor data centre. Integration into a clients Active Directory to fully support single sign on is done via SAML2

New Security Models 

Integration to Electronic Management systems and automation of data capture from other internal client systems such as CMS, PMS ERP and FINANCE systems is supported.

Full Audit trail of all changes in data. What is was and what it is, when it was changed and by who

New Warehouse Management modules

Boxes, shelves, aisles with space and size management and picking lists with multiple scan points. Integration to major Storage companies’ systems allowing for automatic registering, ordering and perming out of externally stored items.

Warehouse Vendor support for multiple Clients/Companies allowing multi-level accounts and true logical data segregation and security

And in keeping with our standard approach

Any bespoke development/configuration to accommodate a client’s requirements with any new features resulting as a consequence of this are rolled out into the next release of the system