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The existing software for records management was no longer supported; and without any updates for a number of years it had become obsolete in coping with the current demands from the business. A very manual and operator reliant system meant that often a hand-written log of all records had to be created and maintained as a backup. In terms of its business processes and on-floor technologies, their records management system was not keeping up resulting in the inability to apply the recently agreed retention policy or provide the business with the required confidence to destroy the correct records. The existing system was not able to cater for the Deeds and Wills which had to be manually captured and managed on written index cards. The time had come to look at an alternative solution that was not only affordable but more importantly created efficiencies and enforced compliance through automated workflows and integration with the practice management system.



The introduction of FileTrack instantly started delivering results in so many different ways, these included:

  • Significant time saved through integration with BDB's practice management system and the auto-population of 80% of a records data such as client and matter numbers as well as fee earners and file types.

  • 100% accuracy as all file information is pulled from the practice management system rather than being entered manually.

  • Productivity increased, releasing the team to get involved in other areas of records management that they were never previously able to.

  • Consistent, flexible and automated label production

  • Duplication was completely eliminated by further integration with BDB's off-site storage vendor allowing for ordering and status reconcilliations  directly through FileTrack and creating a single portal for on-site and off-site records management.

  • Instant and flexible reporting on all data fields and audit history provides BDB with complete visibility on all aspects of their records from creation; full movement history and ownership; and right the way through to retention review and final destruction.

  • It has been estimated by BDB that over 50% (the equivalent of two man days) of each working day has been released to allow the team to get on with other tasks around the business.


"We valued the pre-installation consultation in which Intandem worked with us to understand our processes, make suggestions on workflow and take the time to understand our working practices and cultures. This approach gave us a finished system that reflected what we wanted it to do and the ability to provide a much smoother rollout to the wider business. We can now be proactive and manage records and information rather than a reactive function for simply storing records.

This is now utilised throughout the firm including support functions rather than just for fee-earner file management."

- Lisa Smith, Facilities Manager